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Drunken Master Su Qier (2021) Hindi Dubbed

Drunken Master Su Qier (2021) Hindi Dubbed

Movie Name Drunken Master Su Qier (2021) Hindi Dubbed

Genre - Action

Duration - 1h 13min

Stars - Qimeng Cheng,Yanyan Zhang,Luoyi Zhou

Release Date - 01 Oct 2021

Language/Audio - Hindi

Story/Plot - The martial arts action movie "Drunken Master Su Qier ?????" tells the story of Su Can, born in a family of officers and had a love for martial arts since he was a child. When he went to the capital to get the martial arts exam, he was framed with banned drugs. Su Gui was also accused of favoritism and fraud, leading to the destruction of Su Can's family. After that, his master in the beggars' group, Liu Jiang helped him recover from his injury, and taught him Drunken Fists martial arts. In the end, Su Can, with the help of his confidante, Shen Ruyu, and his master, finished off his enemies and avenged his family.

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